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Our Story

When we set out to create Birdhouse Coffee in late 2019, it was more than just building a coffee shop. We dreamed of creating a gathering place for people to get together, make new memories, and reunite with old and new friends. Everyday we’re inspired by the people who come through our doors. We’re proud to be a hometown place that’s family-owned and operated.

Why Birdhouse? Birdhouses are created homes for birds just like how our coffee bar is a created place to gather. Birdhouse blends our love for great coffee and community spaces with the environment. Our green coffee beans are ethically sourced from a variety of Fair Trade, Women-Owned, Smithsonian Bird Friendly, and Rainforest Alliance certified farms across the globe.

Our motto and mission: Crafting Coffee & Community. Great coffee starts with community in mind. From farm to cup, bringing excellent roasts to you will always be our goal. We’re inspired by the rich story of coffee that transcends all cultures and communities. Together with each small batch of coffee we roast, we believe that the broad array of global flavors and freshness you crave are possible. Through coffee, we can craft a community we all believe in. Take flight with us, one incredible cup of coffee at a time.

Accolades, Honors & Features: We’re always deeply honored for your support. Thank you for the love. If you’d like to write something about us or get a little bit more information about who we are, please email

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