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Colombia Huila – Single Origin


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For our Colombian single origin coffee, we chose to source from the region of Huila. We believe the farms in Huila to contain some of the finest examples of Colombian Coffee we’ve encountered yet. Firstly, we selected this coffee at an altitude range of 1600-1800 meters (5250 – 5900 feet). This high altitude helps improve the richness of the bean by allowing it to grow more slowly, and develop it’s complex notes of plum & cherry over time. Then, the green coffee is double fermented & sun dried. It also undergoes a washed processing to improve its clarity & complexity.

Once this Coffee is harvested, fermented, washed, & dried, we receive it ready for roasting. We hope you enjoy brewing your cup, as much as we’ve enjoyed the privilege to roast such a unique coffee.

Expect notes of plum, cherry, & other red fruits to shine on this coffee.



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